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Film and Television Appearances

  • The 11th Hour by Leonardo DiCaprio - a feature length film to be released in October of 2007. Gloria Flora dicusses the effects of deforestation and the importance of consumers making thoughtful decisions. Find out how you can help! Go to The 11th Hour Action Network.
  • A Land Out of Time by Mark Harvey and Laurel Garrett - an award-winning documentary of energy development in the West and the citizens and activists who are working to sustain their communities and landscapes in the face of relentless development.
  • NOW with David Brancaccio is an award-winning investigative news show on PBS. SOS's work on the Rocky Mountain Front was featured in October of 2004. Tthe day after the broadcast, the Bush Administration terminated the proposals for exploratory drilling on the Front.
  • Five Planets: Montanans at the Crossroads of Global Warming by Jane O-Holly Productions - takes a trip across Montana asking probing questions and seeking home-grown solutions to reducing green house gas emissions.


Speaking Engagements


"Moving Waterfalls: Changing our Relationship with Water" Xeriscape Conference: Albuquerque, NM. February

"Land Stewardship, Leading with Our Heads and Hearts" Action for Agriculture Annual Convention: Calgary, AB. March

"The Human Relationship with Landscapes" Pridis Millerville Homeowners Association: Calgary, AB. March

"Getting from Here to There on the Front" Montana Wilderness Association Annual Convention: Great Falls, MT. April

"From the Forest Service to the 11th Hour" Capital High School Senior Classes: Helena, MT. May

The 11th Hour Showing/Q&A for HP Employees: Biose, ID. May

"Principles of Sustainability" on "Hope for the Earth" radio show: Albany, NY. July

"Touching the Land - Trailblazing a New Relationship" Student Conservation Association Commencement Address: Chestertown, NH. August

"Sustainability, Climate Change and Biochar" Guest on "Greener Living with Dr. G" radio show. Connecticut. September

"Access to the Priced, Priceable and Priceless" Montana Public Lands Law Review Conference: Missoula, MT. September

"Peak Coal and Montana" Host and Facilitator for Roundtable Discussion with Richard Heinberg. October

Keynote Address at Powder River Basin Resource Council Annual Conference: Sheridan, WY. November

Panelist on Plexus Foundation Webinar - Complexity and Emergency Response, the Katrina Example. National. December

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Radio Shows

eTown - Hear a great one hour radio show with the music of Robben Ford and Garrison Starr and interview with Gloria Flora discussing lawlessness on public lands by anti-federal goverment extremists. (Interview starts at 41:30).

Bioneers - Seeing the Forest for the Trees: An Ecology of the Heart by Gloria Flora. A story of restoring landscapes, society and hope.

Wild Side News - A victory for the Rocky Mountain Front! Hear Gloria Flora in a 10/7/2004 interview celebrating the stopping of a proposal to drill for natural gas in a one of the premeir North American landscapes better suited for wild life, adventure and as a legacy for future generations.


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