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SOS seeks to participate with partners in our projects, lending our expertise to collaborative problem-solving. We focus geographically in the Northern Rockies region of the U.S., but our work takes us around the country.

Our major projects include:

Rocky Mountain Front |Repowering Montana | Sustainable Choices Radio | Center for Climate Strategies | Native ArtRising | SOS Press | Biochar


What's So Amazing About Biochar?

It nourishes soils, protects water quality, provides market value to biomass waste, creates energy, reduces GHG emissions and sequesters CO2 for thousands of years!



Coalition to Protect the Rocky Mountain Front

We are proud of our many successes to protect the Rocky Mountain Front!  We work with a coalition of groups, citizens and the Blackfeet Nation providing strategic communications, public relations and education to protect the Front from inappropriate energy development, road building and excessive motorized use. After pressuring the Bush administation to terminate a study of proposed drilling, CPRMF has been instrumental in lease buy-outs and moving towards legislation to permanently protect the Front from leasing and hard-rock mining.

Based on our experience on the Front, we disseminate valuable information on energy policy, road construction and development, protecting treasured public lands through grassroots action throughout the West. The Coaltion's website is a rich source of information and maps.


Gloria Flora traveled to Jackson Hole, Wyoming in November of 2010 to speak to the "Citizens for the Wyoming Range" and to outline her strategy to protect Noble Basin.

Citizens for the Wyoming Range - Gloria Flora inspires Upper Hoback activists in Jackson

Montana Quarterly on the Rocky Mountain Front


Center for Climate Strategies

The Center for Climate Strategies is a non-profit organization that works directly with states and regional collaborative groups in developing effective climate change action plans. These entities identify, design and implement climate change mitigatio, clean energy and sustainable economic development opportunities. SOS contracts with the CCS as a consultant on strategies for reducing greenhouse gas emissions and energy issues related to forestry, agriculture and waste.

 CCS is currently working in 16 states - with governors and legislative leaders, mayors and local governments, industry and environmental interests, side-by-side with both Republicans and Democrats- to build consensus and forge comprehensive action plans to benefit communities, regions and the planet

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Repowering Montana

SOS is providing the public lands perspective in our partnership with AERO, the Alternative Energy Resources Organization's new publication, Repowering Montana: A Blueprint for Homegrown Energy Self-Sufficiency. Through a collaborative group, we've illustrated sustainable enrgy solutions that will allow Montana to produce all the energy it requires in-state through renewable energy development and conservation.

Since there is no energy plan for Montana, we, as a meta-organization have created one. The framework and recommendations for this responsible plan will be brought before citizens and policy makers throughout 2007 and 2008.

Read the plan>

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Sustainable Choices Radio

SOS is producing a syndicated series of daily radio spots that address common questions and concerns about how to live more sustainably. It will create a convenient source for people to discover personal actions that positively improve society and our environment. Our ultimate goas are healthy public lands and a sustainable economy for future generations. Wise use of resources, ie., conservation, will contribute to both.

Every human culture is consistent in one aspect - our concern for the well-being of our children. We are by nature well-intended: the desire to make intelligent choices that benefit life in the future is inherent. Making "good choices" gives us personal satisfaction and a feeling of citizenship. We particularly enjoy making choices that create the best result for us and our offspring while contributing to the common good.

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Native ArtRising!

SOS is proud to partner with Art-For-the-Sky artist and educator, Daniel Dancer, to produce exquisite temporary art to celebrate sacred relationships with the land. We partner with American Indian youth in their community to create magnificent works of art where the children themselves become the 'paint drops' to form a giant living painting that only make sense from the sky.

Through structured cirriculae the children learn more about nature, their culture and the land that binds them. Sky Grizzly on the Blackfeet Reservation and Big Medicine, the White Buffalo, on the Flathead Nation are two recent accomplishments in Montana. Over 1,000 youth, elders and tribal leaders have participated in these two projects.

See more photos and stories for Sky Griz..

Visit Art-for-the-Sky for other Native ArtRisings and more exciting projects by Daniel Dancer.





Stacie DeWolf Memorial Fund

Thank you to the many contributors to the Stacie De Wolf Memorial Fund. As a long-time U.S. Forest Service employee, Stacie was devoted to public lands. These funds are used to help communities sustain the special lands and rivers that Stacie helped manage, explored, found solace in and loved,.

Donations may be made at by clicking here.



Reframing Economics: Moving from Markets to Meaning

For far too long our society's image of success has been based in what could be bought and sold. And the more of it the better. It's time for a new paradigm where the things that are truly meaningful in our lives count in the overall equation of societal success.

Economists and politicians dismiss this as impractical. They ask "What price do we place on beauty? How do we quantity finding meaning and peaceful solitude in nature?" But the better question is why do these need to be reduced to dollars and cents? Finding beauty, meaning and experience in the natural world is priceless. Priceless does not mean without value.

SOS is joining with nationally recognized leaders in ecological economics, philosophy, art and civil society to remap the how we change the metrics of success and sustainability.

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SOS Press

We've diversified into the publishing arena! Seeing an opportunity for bringing a new source of sustainability information to the public, we've entered into multi-media publishing. Net profits accrue to SOS to assist us in our work.

Order a copy of our great book!

SOS Press published Collaborative Spunk: The Feisty Guide for Reviving People and Our Planet, by Dr. A. Gayle Hudgens, in November 2002. This book takes a unique approach to inspiring self-determination by ordinary people with the information about the condition of our planet, the effects on our social and physical health, and what we can do about it!





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