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The 11th Hour

Go see and support The 11th Hour, Leonardo DiCaprio's documentary on the state of environment. Then go to and find out how you can help yourselves, your community and the world.

Reduce Your Footprint

Check out the Life Requirements Checklist and learn what you can do to reduce your footprint. Dr. A. Gayle Hudgens provided this great way to rate your green quotient and make it even better through simple actions.

And just how big is your personal footprint? Find out!

iGive E-Shopping

Shopping on-line can reduce the gas used to run to many stores. There's the shipping, but it's a lot more like public transportation for your package versus just you in a whole car. Buying locally made items can save on both and keep your money in your community.

If you do shop on-line, here's a great way to contribute to your favorite charity or non-profit, that doesn't cost you a thing! The service at I Give allows you to "shop-and-give" at over 400 retailers. And these aren't just offbeat little shops - we're talking Expedia, Amazon, Eddie Bauer, Lands' End, Office Depot, Best Buy and hundreds of other great sites.

Every sale will result in a small percentage of your purchase going to the organization of your choice... and you can redirect it whenever you want.

If you'd like to direct the discount to SOS, go to Or go to their home page to direct your discount to whomever you specify. It costs you nothing and sign-up is a snap. We have test-run this ourselves for several years, and other than remembering to uncheck the ubiquitous "let us send you advertisements" box, it's hassle-free.

Support SOS

Besides following the Life Requirements Checklist, or volunteering your time for projects, you can support SOS by making financial contributions or donations of skills or materials.

SOS is a 501(c)(3) organization; your gifts are tax deductible.

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Donate Now Through Network for Good

If you're in the Helena area, stop by and visit us at the delightful historic village of Reeders' Alley where our office is located.  We won't necessarily put you to work right away!

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