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— Mission —

Sustainable Obtainable Solutions was created to increase the understanding of sustainability and the interrelationships of people and nature, especially on public lands. And, like you, we want to ensure current use of public lands does not deny future generations the same benefits we enjoy now.
  • Aldo Leopold quote "There are two things that interest me, the relationship of people to the land and the relationship of people to each other."SOS advocates sustainable practices by stressing evaluation of the triple bottom line of social, environmental and economic costs and benefits over time.
  • SOS helps concerned communities and organizations understand and apply systems thinking and sustainability criteria to their deliberations on the conservation of public lands.
  • SOS provides tools and techniques to ensure public lands provide sustainable natural services, quality goods, memorable experiences and enduring habitats for people, plants and animals.

Sustainable Obtainable Solutions provides assistance to diverse organizations and people, without discrimination.

  • Communities dependent on public lands: Learn how to use sustainability principles to find practical, lasting solutions to natural resource conundrums.
  • Students, conservation groups and citizens: Understand the true cost of public land choices by valuing the triple bottom line of economic, environmental and social costs and benefits.
  • Collaborative groups: Learn how systems thinking and sustainability criteria can build consensus and increase the strenghth of your proposals.
  • American Indians: Collaborate with us to share and learn how to combine traditional wisdom with contemporary practices.
  • Agency professionals: Gain new tools to assess sustainability in project analyses and comprehensive planning.
  • Businesses: Whether you depend on natural resource extraction or use natural resources in production, gain a competitive advantage by increasing efficiency while reducing impacts on the environment.

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